Safety Action

Unity, Windows, Admin, AWS, Modules

Project overview

Safety Action is a serious game that employs gaming mechanics to raise awareness more effectively and rapidly about prevention and risks in a workplace setting.

Technical details

Safety Action is a game released on Windows, featuring a VR prototype version and WebGL support. It incorporates a third-party program called "admin" designed to interpret the data collected by the game and stored in an AWS bucket. The game integrates various internal and external technologies within Unity, including plugins such as Pixel Crushers' Dialogue System, as well as Assetbundles hosted on an Amazon server.

My role

As a new developer on the team, my initial focus was to understand the project and existing work. Once acquainted with the documentation and processes, I collaborated with the lead developer to integrate a new module for a client. This involved clear communication with management, 2D/3D artists, and the lead developer.

My subsequent tasks included critically assessing the established foundation for optimization opportunities. Additionally, I took the lead in creating a new Parking module. This involved tasks such as documenting parking-related risks, formulating and translating them into the game's format, creating in-game situations, designing the Parking scene, and integrating the module.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game is a recurring product. It is structured in a modular form, where each level can be adapted or added according to the specific needs of different companies. Beyond its modular structure, which allows customization for each company's requirements, the game includes default modules that serve as general templates for common environments such as parking lots, locker rooms, warehouses, and construction sites.

The learner navigates a 3D environment in first-person view using a compass to explore the level. They search for situations known as "risks," which form the core of the game. A risk represents a real-life situation that the learner would encounter in their everyday work and aims to raise awareness about the proper ways to manage that situation. The video game aspect adds significant value to the learning process.

Visuals and Sounds

Despite the team already having a 2D artist, a 3D artist, and an animator, I've had the opportunity to create, modify, and integrate several UI/UX interfaces. Additionally, I've been responsible for integrating and adapting various artist compositions, always incorporating their feedback to ensure their visions are respected. I've also worked on implementing Unity's built-in audio mixing system to ensure a harmonious soundscape. In terms of 3D work, I've been able to create rudimentary 3D elements using basic materials.


The game contributed to the team winning several awards: Fibo Winner - Reflex-ON
Best Start Up - Prix Mercure
Best Start Up - Inno Pépites
Best Innovative Finalist - Tell Us Award
Innovative Award - 75th Arcop

Resource €€€

This recurring product started in 2019 and concluded in 2022. It's challenging to provide an exact budget allocation for the project or the exact value it generated, but I can give you an estimate of the resources devoted to the project. Throughout its development, there was a lead developer consistently working on it, along with at least one secondary developer. Additionally, a 3D artist, 2D artist, and an animator were involved when new projects related to the product were in progress.